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The SPARTAN Shield
University of Louisville

Fact: Renewable energy is the future. It is estimated that by 2020 approximately 26% of the world's energy will be produced from renewable energies. The issue arises in that it proves difficult to provide these clean energies to areas that need them most. Worldwide rural areas, third world countries, and natural disaster sites are prime and in need for the application of renewable energy. It could mean the difference in saving lives.

This is where we, a select group of engineering students partnered by an entrepreneurship student, here at the University of Louisville, wanted to bring innovation and creative thinking to life. We are proud to bring forth a little something we call, The SPARTAN Shield. Designed with simplicity, endurance, and portability in mind, we have developed an innovative multi-solar panel mounting system providing vital energy to those who deserve it the most. The SPARTAN Shield's collapsable design allows for complete assembly and tear down in minutes! We hope that our design can further benefit the current efforts of assisting those in need in the areas that truly rely on our aid. Oh! And did we mention it only needs maximum two people to assemble and transport?! So, ask yourself...are you equipped? We thank you and can't wait to unveil to you, The SPARTAN Shield.

Mark Fleming
Mechanical Engineering
Jared Benton
Mechanical Engineering
Blaze Lysack
Mechanical Engineering
Brock Burton
Business Administration
Matthew Otero
Mechanical Engineering