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Syracuse University
In 2015, online video game tournaments, otherwise known as “eSports,” got more views than the Masters, the NBA finals, the World Series, and the Stanley Cup. These tournaments, as well as other individual live streamers, have built their following on an online video game livestreaming service called While Twitch gets a massive amount of viewership collectively, tens of thousands of people stream on their site every day, and the viewership is spread out across thousands of unique, individual channels, making it difficult to sponsor streamers as a brand, or to get sponsored by a brand as a streamer. At PowerSpike, we’ve developed an innovative solution to help make full time streaming financially feasible, and help brands create integrated in-stream campaigns, which turn streamers into digital sellers without having to negotiate out contracts with thousands of individual channels one on one. Our technology allows streamers or eSports organizations to easily find brands willing to sponsor them in an open marketplace, and monitor their channel analytics in one convenient dashboard. We enable brands to find streamers/eSports organizations which best fit their campaigns, and effortlessly monitor their total outreach in seconds. Here at PowerSpike, we’re creating the next generation of online branding.
Angelo Damiano
Business Administration
Michael Paris
Communications Design