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Unhoused Humanity, Inc.
Florida State University
There are many homeless individuals/families who have steady monthly income but their only barrier to housing is move-in costs (security/utility deposit, first/last month’s rent). Unhoused Humanity is an online 501(c)3 crowdfunding platform that connects donors to homeless beneficiaries in order to meet those costs. Once our beneficiaries are able to bridge that gap, they can continue to support themselves. Our partnered case-working agencies screen and refer us to potential beneficiaries in order to verify stable income. Our website allows donors to actually see the picture and read the story of the people in need and choose to whom they would like to give 100% of their donation. After our beneficiary is fully funded, the donors receive a picture update when the family transitions into a home. The goal of our platform is not just to provide housing but to create a personal connection as well.
Ramon Aleman
Daren McCurdy
International Affairs